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Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022

Prefrontal regulation of the stress response: Implications for health disparities
4:30 p.m., Tl-AUD, Tidewater 1st floor
Julian F. Thayer, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science and The Ohio Eminent
Scholar Professor of Health Psychology Emeritus
University of California, Irvine and The Ohio State University

Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022


Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022

Sick as a mouse; how immune activation may accelerate the trajectory of cognitive aging and development of dementia
4:30 p.m., Jones 204
Elizabeth Engler-Chiurazzi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Neurology
Tulane University Clinical Neuroscience Research Center

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022

Mitochondria in the aging vasculature
4:30 p.m., SOM 7062
Ibolya Rutkai, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Tulane School of Medicine

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022

Rescheduled for March 23, 2022
4:30 p.m., Jones 204
Amy Feehan, PhD
Clinical Research Scientist
Ochsner Health

Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2022


Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2022

4:30 p.m., Jones 204
Jennifer Donegan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School

Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2022


Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2022

Clinical Science in a Global Pandemic
4:30 p.m., Jones 204
Amy Feehan, PhD
Clinical Research Scientist
Ochsner Health

Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2022


Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2022

Coordination of escape and spatial navigation circuits orchestrates versatile flight from threats
4:30 p.m., Jones 204
Avishek Adhikari, PhD
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychology Department
University of California, Los Angeles

Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2022

Hypothalamic Metabolic Circuits in Cardiorespiratory Control
4:30 p.m., SOM 7062
Huxing Cui, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience & Pharmacology
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2022

Fine Timescale Coordination of Thalamic Activity during Non-REM Sleep
4:30 p.m., Jones 204
Carmen Varela, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychology Department
Florida Atlantic University

Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2022

The Potential role of GPLD1 as a Therapeutic Target for Sustaining cognitive Function Late in Life
4:30 p.m., SOM 7062
Kara Marlatt, PhD
Assistant Professor-Research, Director of Healthy Aging & Metabolism Lab
Division of Clinical Science
Pennington Biomedical Research Center


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