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New Users Guide

New users should contact the Brain Institute Core Technician, Misty Quintana at mquintana@tulane.edu, and provide the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Research Lab and Primary Investigator
  • Your Position
  • Brief Description of Your Equipment Needs

Equipment requires training regardless of previous experience and must come from the Core Technician. 

After completing the training, users will receive access to the Brain Institute Human Research and Data Analysis Core and equipment and will be able to schedule sessions.  


Before training can begin on the NIRx fNIRS, users will need to complete the Account Authorization Form and have it signed by the Primary Investigator. 

Account Authorization Form

NIRx Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)
Usage: $20 per hour
Training: $30 per hour

Data Management

Users of the NIRx Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) must name their files in the following standard format:

Example:  2019May25_Daniel_MQ_test.vsi

A folder for the lab (named for the primary investigator) will be created into which data must be placed.  Data will be stored on the hard drive in the Brain Institute Human Research and Data Analysis Core for a period of one month.  

Once per week, the technician will clear files that have been stored for one month from the hard drive.  Prior to deletion of files, primary investigators and the user who acquired the data will be notified via email that their data will be deleted in one week.  At the end of the one month storage period, responsibility for data management falls exclusively to the investigators.

Feedback and Acknowledgments

We welcome any feedback from users of the Brain Institute Human Research and Data Analysis Core.  Please email any comments or suggestions to Misty Quintana at mquintana@tulane.edu or Dr. Jill Daniel jmdaniel@tulane.edu.

All users of the NIRx fNIRS in the Brain Institute Human Research and Data Analysis Core are asked to acknowledge the grant under which the microscope was purchased in their paper as the “Louisiana Board of Regents Departmental Enhancement Grant LEQSF(2018-23)-ENH-DE-15.”  Please send a copy of the paper to Misty Quintana, Brain Institute Core Technician, at mquintana@tulane.edu.